How to play?


Our employees will introduce you the rules of the game and give answers to all your questions. After that you will be lead to the game room, door will be locked and your escape will begin.


The goal of the game is to fiend a way out from the game room within 75 minutes. Time will start from the moment, when door is locked behind you. The ensure successful escape, it is very important that the members of the team work and think together. For escaping teams must solve riddles and task with different levels. Every completed riddle or puzzle will lead you one step closer to escaping.


So what comes with a successful escape? In addition to pride and glory and huge amount of positive emotions you will also feel cool adrenaline. All groups who will be able to escape we will add to our hall of fame where you will be remembered forever.


Are we really locked into the room?

Yes, but you will get out from there minimaly after 75 minutes.

How many people can be in the group?

The can be 2-5 people in a group. For big groups we can host up 24 people on the same time.

How much does it cost?

From Monday to Friday 11.15 – 15.30 the price for the group is 45 EUR.
From Monday to Friday 16.30 – 22.15 and on weekends the price for the group is 50 EUR.

How can I pay?

You can pay on the spot by credit/debit card or by cash.

Can children play?


What is forbidden in rooms?

You can not use mobile phones, your own tools etc. We will provide you with all the needed equipment. It is not allowed to use force for solving riddles, puzzles and tasks.

Where can I park?

For all our quests we offer free parking in front of our door.