About us

Real life escaperoom games are gaining more and more popularity all around the world. The goal of the game is to find a way out from the locked room by solving various puzzles, riddles and mind challenging tasks. The game is meant for groups of 2-5 people.

EscapeTartu brings this kind of entertainment oppurtunity to Southern Estonia. We are offering people a way to get out from daily routine by doing something extra ordinary.

It is possible to come and play with friends for fun. Also we organise birthdays, children birthdays and corporate events.

Why are we different from other escaprooms?

  • Out escaperooms are escaperooms are bigger than most of the other escaperooms in Estonia.
  • Duration of the game is 75 minutes (instead of 60 minutes).
  • Our three escaperooms are very diffrent from each other by difficulty level and tasks:
  1. PSYCHO LAB –  Its is a traditional escaperoom, which is equipt with interesting props and surprises.
  2. BANK ROBBERY – it is a mixture of the top end design and hides very cool and challenging tasks.
  3. DISCO – is a very technical, fun room with a cool and beautiful interior.
  4. 007-Mission HOTEL – players can test their agent 007 skills by Escaping from the mysterious spy hotel.
  5. ASTEROID  – players must save the world from the asteroid which is threatening to hit earth.