Zombi Virus X

Zombie Virus X – “Do you work quickly under pressure?” is literally a matter of life and death! Here, you not only need to find your inner Zombie Hunter but also your inner MacGyver, because your task is to defuse a bomb that’s about as stable as an internet connection during a storm.

Do you have enough skills to stop the spread of Zombie Virus X and save humanity? Or will you end the day as a hero… in an antivirus commercial?

You have 75 minutes to defuse the bomb… because if not, we all might soon find ourselves playing a real-life version of “Plants vs. Zombies”!

Time is ticking. You’re the last hope. And no, this is not an episode from a new unrealistically optimistic reality show. This scenario is where your ingenuity, dexterity, and ability to ignore the absurdities caused by your colleagues’ panic determine whether tomorrow begins with a regular cup of coffee or a zombie apocalypse.